Artur Pokusin

Mark & Johnny

When I was in elementary school our teacher gave us a writing prompt. The goal was to fill one page of our notebook with stories, musings, or . The following is one of those stories.


There once was a small boy. He had brown hair, brown eyes, and was named Johnny. Johnny had a best friend named Mark. Mark and Johnny whent everywher together; to the park, to the field, everywhere! One day Johnny was walking in the open plains of South Dakota. Soon he saw Mark running behind him. Johnny turned around and saw that Mark was crying.

“What’s wrong, Mark?” asked Johnny.
“My mom got very sick! The doctor said she might die!” replied Mark.
“Well, what disease does she have?” asked Johnny.
“The doctor says she has lung cancer from smoking a pipe every day!” whispered Mark.
“Well maybe you could come over to my house!” said Johnny.
“Ok” replied Mark.

So the two Boys went to Johnny’s...

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